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South Korea’s small concept bookstores, with areas less than 165sqm, are continuing to thrive and achieve growth in sales thanks to their innovative ideas in promoting books. They succeeded in creating innovative ideas to counter the proliferation of electronic bookstores, and maintain their presence in a market that holds an advanced position in global publishing markets.
According to publishing industry statistics in 2016, small bookstores saw a 35 per cent growth in sales, while medium and large bookstores witnessed registered a rise of merely 8 per cent. The 2017 figures, which have not yet been released, expect a further growth in sales by small bookstores – a positive announcement for store owners.
Owners started sharing their latest publications on social networking sites, while announcing special offers and discounts throughout the year. They also served hot and cold drinks to their visitors.
The new trend is opening “genre bookstores” that specialise in a specific idea, such as books on travel, cats, cars, sweets, and science. These innovative ideas have impressed readers in South Korea and ignited their enthusiasm to read more.