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Lebanon’s Al-Mashreq publishing house has celebrated the 110th anniversary of the Al Monjed Dictionary, the most popular Arabic lexicon among students, writers and Arabic language aficionados around the world. The book was developed by the Lebanese writer and journalist Louis Maalouf in 1908 with subsequent amendments incorporated by him in following editions.

Since the publication of its first edition, which was covered 738 pages, including 400 illustrations, Al-Monjed became one of the best-selling Arabic dictionaries in the world, with several million copies distributed, including new updates and additions.

In line with the growing demand from large segments of the community, Al Mashreq Publishing House has launched new editions of the dictionary in various sizes to suit different needs, including the ‘Al Monjed Pocket Edition’, ‘Al Monjed for Children’, ‘Preparatory Monjed’, ‘Al Monjed Moderator’ among others. In celebration of the 110th anniversary of the dictionary, the publisher issued the electronic version ‘Al Monjed Al Electrony’ and ‘Detailed Monjed’ available in Arabic – French, and Arabic – English.