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Rewayat, the Kalimat Group (KG) imprint dedicated to publishing translated and original Arabic literary works marked by innovation and diversity, is bringing its latest collection of five new releases featuring renowned Arab and international authors to the 30th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) which concludes its activities on May 29, 2021.

The five new releases include:  

A Side Entrance to the House by Amal Alsaeedi

Omani author and storyteller, Amal Alsaeedi, won the Creative Writing Scholarship from the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) to complete A Side Entrance to the House. The narrative is an inner journey that integrates the depth of human relationships to the notion of ‘place’ in a unique writing style that is not too far from poetry and does not overly take the shape of storytelling.

Roma Termini by Najwa Binshatwan: A novel on infinite absence

Through her latest novel, Libyan author Najwa Binshatwan shines light on the concept of ‘absence’ – a dominant feature in the life of most immigrants. This absence is presented through rich inner monologues by the story’s protagonist, Natasha. The book is about the present world with its ever-changing human map, which presents immigration an uninterrupted act that begins the minute of arrival in the diaspora, whether it is a country or just an idea.

The Khaleeji Man by Mohammed Alabbas

Saudi Arabian author Mohammed Alabbas’s The Khaleeji Man cultural lecture series covers vital modern-day topics that are intertwined in both their depth and essence. The book highlights the polarity of the lens through which the Gulf’s intellectual is viewed – between the culture of apparent and the obscure. This a critical topic given the major changes which have been witnessed by the region.

Alias Grace by Margert Atwood (translated into Arabic by Nouf Alsaidi)

Nouf Alsaidi has introduced to Arabic language readers Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed work, Alias Grace, based on true events in 19th-century Canada. The novel follows 16-year-old Grace Marks who is convicted for being involved in the murder of her master. A pretty girl accused of violence makes for an intrigue-filled plot, and immediately arouses the curiosity of psychiatrists, writers, feminists and readers alike.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (translated into Arabic by Zahra Nasser)

Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism, translated into Arabic by Zahra Nasser, introduces the concept of minimalism, guiding the reader to know how to set the limits to their need for things. The Digital Minimalism philosophy presented by the writer is essentially a response to the noise created by our technology-heavy lives, and offers the mantra to living a calm, meaningful life by setting boundaries to our relationship with social media and reconnecting with our inner self.

These titles can be purchased at Rewayat’s pavilion at ADIBF 2021, and are also available online at: