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Despite the difficult political and economic conditions in the Gaza Strip which hinder the import and export of printed books to and from Palestine, young publishers Mahmud al-Shaer and Mahmoud Madi have established the first Palestinian publishing house dedicated exclusively to e-Books.

Since its establishment in Gaza City in 2017, ‘Khuta’ Publishing has published more than 20 electronic books and signed more than 10 contracts for new publications before mid-2018. Khuta is also preparing to participate in Palestine International Book Fair to be held in May 2018 and Amman International Book Fair in September.

As a contribution to enrich Palestinian literary content and increase the number of publications that are accredited with the International Standard Book Number for Palestine, Khuta has recently launched the Youth Writers Award, aimed at Palestinian authors aged 18 to 35, where winners will be granted a cash prize from the publishing house, in addition to a publishing contract.