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Baghdad International Book Fair is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a record 600 publishers from 18 countries. Taking place from 29th March to 8th April under the theme ‘We Read to Progress’, the turnout is the largest since the fair was launched in 1978.

In addition to the large participation of Iraqi intellectuals, such as Diaa Jubaili, Maysa Hadi, Louai Hamza Abbas, Mohamed Hiaoui, Mohamed Khodair and Ali Badr, the exhibition is also hosting a significant number of renowned Arab writers, authors and poets, including Algerian novelist Wassini Al A’arj and novelists Saud al-Sanoussi and Buthaina al-Issa from Kuwait – the event’s Country of Honour.

The participation of Kuwaiti publishing houses and cultural institutions following a 29-year absence has contributed to increasing the number of book signing events, cultural seminars and poetry evenings. The exhibition also includes publishing houses from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, India and the UK, many of them attending for the first time.