Biography of Former Swiss President Adolf Ogi to Be Published in Arabic

Biography of Former Swiss President Adolf Ogi to Be Published in Arabic

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The Arabic translation of the biography of Adolf Ogi, the Former President of the Swiss Confederation, will be published soon. Written by Georges Wüthrich and André Häfliger, the book provides insights into the life of the ex-Minister of the Swiss Federal Government, who was also Special Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace to the United Nations Secretary-General.

The work, ‘Dölf Ogi: Statesman and Sportsman’ was a best-selling biography in Switzerland, selling 50,000 copies in German, 40,000 copies in English and 7,000 in French; three thousand 3,000 copies will be published in Arabic while a fifth edition will be published in Chinese at a further date.

Werd und Weber, based in the Swiss capital, Bern, will publish the Arabic version following its translation by friends of the former president in Oman. It will be the first time the Swiss company will have published any work in Arabic.

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