Dutch Museum Disputes Authenticity of Van Gogh Book

Dutch Museum Disputes Authenticity of Van Gogh Book

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The Amsterdam Museum in the Netherlands may sue French publisher Seuil for publishing a book containing 65 drawings it claims are original works by Vincent Van Gogh. The museum alleges that the drawings are fakes and lack the spirit, energy and inspiration of the artist’s greatest period.

The book, entitled ‘Vincent van Gogh… Le brouillard d’Arles’ is published by Canadian art historian and writer Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, an expert in Gogh’s artworks and one of the curators of the exhibition ‘van Gogh in Paris’, which took place in d’Orsay Museum in 1988.

The book contains 65 sketches drawn in brownish ink, which the publisher says the famous Dutch artist created between 1888 and 1890 when he was living in Provence in the south of France. The Amsterdam Museum says the sketches are fake and there is currently no independent reliable evidence proving the drawings are Gogh’s work.

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