Storytel Launches Expansion Operations in Four New Markets

Storytel Launches Expansion Operations in Four New Markets

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Responding to the growing demand for audio books in the region, the Swedish eBook and audiobook subscription service company Storytel, is to open in four new markets this year: Russia, Spain, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Founded in 2005, Storytel has become a leader in subscription services for audio books and e-books. It now operates in six countries in Europe, including: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Finland. This makes it one of the largest audiobook providers in Europe.

The rapidly growing company has recently concluded several agreements to acquire publishing companies, in addition to cooperation agreements with a number of authors, agents and storytellers.

Storytel currently produces about 2,000 audiobooks in 10 languages per year. It is expected to open its first branch in the region in Dubai during the third quarter of this year.

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