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A memoir written in a Turkish prison by the Turkish novelist, journalist and human rights activist Ahmet Altan is causing international interest.  It has already sold to Granta in the UK, Fischer in Germany, Samlaget in Norway, Debate/Random House (World Spanish), Solferino/RCS in Italy and De Bezige Bij in the Netherlands.

Entitled I Will Never See the World Again Granta Commissioning Editor Anne Meadows describes the book as “profoundly moving”.  She adds:  “In Ahmet Altan’s lyrical account of his confinement and his hopes, we have found a work of both great importance and great beauty. It is an honour to be publishing Altan in the UK.”

Altan was arrested along with his brother Mehmet in September 2016 as part of a wave of arrests of thinkers and writers following the failed coup against President Erdoğan.

In February 2018 the brothers were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  There has been widespread condemnation of their conviction. Earlier this year, fifty-one Nobel Laureates signed a petition for their release.

Meadows acquired world English language rights from Clementina Liuzzi at the Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency in an exclusive submission.  Granta Books in the UK will publish I Will Never See the World Again, translated by Yasemin Çongar, in March 2019.