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Everything you want to know about Uncertainties of Youth in the Middle East and North Africa is now out in a new book.

“Coping with Uncertainty” jointly written by “Elizabeth Briggs” a British (From London) Editor & Marketing Manager at Saqi Books, is filled with a professional curiosity, which spurred her to write this book, to help young people dealing with their insecurities.

From chapters about the deteriorated social situation of the Middle East and North Africa, the Political, economic and personal uncertainties which affected young people, the internally displaced persons and refugees because of disintegrating state structures, this book is like a landmark volume offers the most in-depth and comprehensive study on young people in the Arab world to date.

The book is a collection of lots of answers of how to cope with the uncertainties of young people, and interviews with 9,000 young people aged 16–30, over 9 countries of the Middle East, as well as the reviews and opinions of some editors about the book.

The book was published in September, 2018, and it will be available in libraries within the next coming days, according to the author.