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Books published in June 2024

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  • Sandwich by Catherine Newman

The book is narrated by a menopausal Rocky on her family’s annual summer trip to Cape Cod. Sandwiched between her nearly-adult children and ageing parents, all of whom have descended on the coastal apartment for the week, her whole life feels as though it is in flux.

  • Broken Threads by Mishal Husain

In the summer of 1947, millions of lives were affected by the Partition of India. Among them were the grandparents of BBC presenter Mishal Husain, who has turned to letters, diaries and tapes in order to piece together fragments of her family history. On her father’s side were Mumtaz, a Muslim doctor, and Mary, a Catholic from an Anglo-Indian family, who fell in love in Lahore. Her maternal grandparents, Tahirah and Shahid, meanwhile, watched the events leading up to Partition unfold from Delhi.

  • Parade by Rachel Cusk

In the latest experimental novel from the acclaimed, Booker-nominated author of the Outline trilogy, a quartet of stories explore themes of gender and art. Featuring a man who begins to paint upside down and a woman who sculpts black spiders.  

  • The Heart in Winter by Kevin Barry

In 1891 Montana, an Irish poet named Tom pays the bills by composing letters to the prospective brides of men who can’t write. When he falls for one of these women, Polly, a forbidden love affair – and epic journey fleeing on stolen horseback .

  • Scripted by Fearne Cotton

In Cotton’s high-concept debut novel, Jade is unnerved to keep finding scripts for conversations which later play out in real life. But what is most confronting is that these scripts reveal just how much she lets everyone in her life walk all over her. Can she finally be inspired to change?      

  • The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley

From the author of bestselling The Hunting Party comes another mystery with an immersive setting, this time in a Dorset woodland manor house during midsummer. Here, the unearthing of a 15-year-old secret among old friends ends in murder.

  • Going Home by Tom Lamont

When his childhood friend dies, Teo finds himself attempting to raise the two-year-old son she left behind – with only his difficult father and unreliable friend Ben to help. Going Home is an affecting debut about fatherhood and male friendship.

  • Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal

Charlotte Walker is a zoooligist who has taken up a fellowship on the tiny island of Tuga, ostensibly to study an endangered species of tortoises, but in reality solve a secret mystery of her own.

  • Eruption by James Patterson and Michael Crichton

A collaboration between the bestselling thriller author and the creator of Jurassic Park, Eruption is a blockbuster novel about a volcanic eruption which might end the world – and a decades-old military secret which is about to make the situation a lot worse.

  • Godwin by Joseph O’Neill

From the Booker Prize-longlisted author of Netherland, a compelling novel about football, family and migration. It’s an odyssey of two brothers, who travel in search of a prodigy who they are convinced is the next Lionel Messi.

  • Private Rites by Julia Armfield

In a world where there is constant rain and buildings are lapsing into flooding water, three sisters are drawn back together when their estranged father dies. Private Rites is a hauntingly good book about family, faith and the climate crisis.

  • Scaffolding by Lauren Elkin

In 2019, Anna is a psychoanalyst living in Paris who embarks on an affair with the boyfriend of her downstairs neighbour. In the same apartment in 1972, Florence begins an affair with her psychology teacher. Scaffolding is a multi-layered, intelligent novel.

  • One of Our Kind by Nicola Yoon

Pregnant with their second child, Jasmyn and King decide to move to Liberty, California, where their family can feel at home in a majority-Black environment. But in the world of this taut, simmering read, all is not as it seems.

  • This is Why We Lied by Karin Slaughter

In a luxury lodge perched on a secluded mountain, Mercy had been about to expose secrets when she wound up dead. Investigator Will Trent happens to be there on his honeymoon, and now it’s a race to find the killer before they strike again.

  • These Foolish Things by Dylan Jones

As the former editor of GQ, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the cast of characters which appear in Dylan Jones’s memoir include everyone from David Bowie to Rihanna. These Foolish Things is the glittering chronicles of his adventures in media, music, politics and fashion.

  • MILF by Paloma Faith

The Brit Award winning singer deep-dives into motherhood, identity and the expectations still placed on women today. From her experiences with IVF and heartbreak, through to her relationship with her own mum, MILF is raw and readable.

  • The Witness by Alexandra Wilson

When a young black man is arrested for murder, his barrister knows something isn’t right – yet she would never have expected the secret which she stumbles upon while digging around his case.

  • poilt Creatures by Amy Twigg

Newly single and stuck in a job she hates, it is no wonder that when Iris comes across a women’s commune on a remote Kent farm, she quickly becomes obsessed. But just as she is drawn into this world, a group of men arrive on the farm and the freedom she yearned for is threatened.

  • Off the Beat by Nusrit Mehtab

When Nusrit Mehtab first joined the Metropolitan Police, she encountered racism and misogyny at almost every turn – and as she rose through the ranks, it got worse, not better. This memoir is her startling, no-holds-barred account.

  • Middle of the Night by RILEY SAGER

When he was ten years old, Ethan camped out in his backyard with his best friend Billy only to awaken in the morning to find their tent slashed open and Billy gone. Thirty years later, Ethan returns to his childhood home. Odd happenings force Ethan to reexamine what happened and lead him to the nearby forest where a clandestine group is studying a crumbling mansion.

  •  A Novel Love Story by ASHLEY POSTON

On her way to her annual book club retreat, Eileen Merriweather’s car breaks down and she finds herself in the town of her favorite romance book series. Eloraton is exactly like she read, but the town seems trapped in the end of the author’s last unfinished story. Eileen takes it upon herself to save the town, except a grumpy, yet handsome, bookstore owner she can’t quite place doesn’t want her to finish the book.

  • The Housemaid is Watching by FREIDA MCFADDEN

Millie has finally retired from being a housemaid and decides to settle down with her husband and kids in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac. Trying to get to know the neighbors, Millie attends dinner at her neighbor’s house which piques her curiosity about Mrs. Lowell’s maid. When a woman warns Millie to be careful of her neighbors, Millie begins to wonder if this idyllic neighborhood might be the most dangerous place yet.

  • The Paris Widow by KIMBERLY BELLE

Stella doesn’t mind leaving her precarious jetsetter life behind when she marries Adam, a nice normal guy. While vacationing in Paris, Adam goes missing after a bomb explodes in a public square. Now the police are telling Stella that Adam is a known dealer of stolen antiquities. Refusing to leave Paris until she learns the truth, Stella must discover if Adam was a random victim or a target of the explosion.

  • The End of Summer by Charlotte Philby

How well do any of us really know the people we love? When journalists turn up on Francesca’s doorstep making awful claims about her mother, she realises that perhaps it is not so well at all. The End of Summer is a literary thriller that is as page-turning as it is elegantly written.

  • Only Here, Only Now by Tom Newlands

Cora is a young neurodivergent girl growing up on a council estate in 1990s Scotland, hoping for a bright future against all odds. 


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