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The “Your Summer is a Novel” campaign, launched by “Rewayat” in UAE, under the patronage of Emirates Airlines, continues to suggest a book every week to read. They selected 6 of their best publications for reading, during the campaign that will run until mid-September.

The campaign giving participants the chance to win flights to the countries of top writers in the house’s publications, in addition to enjoying reading moments and what it leaves a positive impact on the soul, creating a parallel existence and a fruitful journey into the world of art and knowledge.

The competition includes writing a review of one of the selected novels and publishing it on social media platforms, with recording and publishing a video in which the participant summarizes the book he has read.

Six winners will receive two tickets to travel to six countries, to go on trips to enjoy their summer vacation, based on their reviews of the selected works published by “Rewayat”.

At the end of the campaign, the winners will be announced, and more details about the campaign and the conditions for participation can be found on the social media accounts of “Rewayat”.

According to “Rewayat,” the “Your Summer is a Novel” campaign represents the goals of the “Kalimat Group” and its efforts to promote both book publishing and reading as a culture, reflecting the aspirations of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates to further the reading habit of its citizens. A successful one that facilitates understanding and dialogue between the UAE reader and the world’s knowledge and literature.