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Once hailed as the fastest-selling non-fiction book, Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” now languishes in holiday hotspots, causing a headache for hoteliers and resorts.

Barely six months since its release, “Spare” sent shockwaves through the literary world, ascending to the pinnacle of Amazon’s bestseller list with a staggering 1.43 million copies sold on its debut day, securing an illustrious Guinness World Record.

Outshining even the most esteemed literary works, including former US President Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land,” the memoir etched its name in history as the unparalleled fastest-selling non-fiction book. But alas, the fervor surrounding it has waned in the intervening months.

Spain, Turkey, and Greece, favorite vacation destinations, now bear witness to an astonishing number of abandoned “Spare” copies. Nonchalant tourists leave the book unattended by sun-kissed poolside loungers, carelessly deposit it at hotel receptions, or worse, consign it to the fate of beachside trash bins, as revealed by the Daily Express.

This surplus of forsaken memoirs has thrust holiday specialists On the Beach into a predicament. Local bookstores and libraries are reluctant to accept the literary excess, leaving Zoe Harris, Chief Customer Officer at On the Beach, grappling with frustration over the unprecedented volume of books that have landed on their doorstep.

Lost property offices in the most glamorous resorts overflow with “Spare” copies, bearing witness to the memoir’s abrupt fall from grace. The humiliation deepens as hotels reluctantly return the books left behind by their clientele, casting a shadow over Prince Harry’s once-celebrated literary venture.