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A seminar hosted by the Cairo International Book Fair 2019 reveals a new French invention that will revolutionize the global publishing industry by making books available on demand from anywhere in the world. The new invention will save publishers a lot of costs and allow readers to get books at 50% of the current prices.

Said Abdu, president of the Egyptian Publishers Association, explained that the obstacles undermining the publishing industry will not last long and will not withstand the actions taken by stakeholders who are inventing new tools every day to protect their industry and the rights of their employees. “I call for the implementation of the provisions of the law that penalize the violation of intellectual property rights”, he said.

Najat Milad, owner of the Ibn Khaldoun Publishing House in Paris, confirmed that the new French invention would make a big leap in the publishing industry. “The new invention is a robot called “Gutenberg One”, and it is invented by a French institution and will be announced at the Paris Book Fair 2019. It will bring a new industrial revolution for publishers”, she said.

“The technological development brought many changes to the book industry where books are now sold across platforms either as paper or digital book, and both in cases we suffer many weaknesses. The turnover of digital books does not exceed 5% in European countries for many reasons, and the paper book sold through the Internet takes a long time to reach the reader”, she added.

Milad also pointed out that the new Press Robot by being connected to the digital data platform of the Internet would be able to print any book in any language in no time. It saves storage and shipping costs by almost 50% of the price of the book, which sometimes sent to waste because of lack of prior knowledge of the market needs. It also ensures the availability of books for very long periods of time.

Milad also noted that publishers, thanks to “Gutenberg One”, will ensure their books are distributed all over the world without any suffering or extra expenses. The new invention contributes to the protection of environment by reducing the waste of paper and printing, and even the fuel consumed in the process of book shipping and delivery. “The organization overseeing “Gutenberg One” will provide it in a number of public places around the world”, she concluded.