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In a monumental move for fans of Enid Blyton’s literary masterpiece, ‘Famous Five,’ the BBC has officially embarked on the production of a screen adaptation for the cherished book series. Since the publication of the first book, ‘Five On A Treasure Island,’ in 1942, the adventures of the Famous Five have captured the hearts of readers across the globe.

Now, the timeless tales are set to come alive on screen, igniting the imaginations of both loyal enthusiasts and a new generation of viewers.

The series will be made up of three 90-minute episodes and, like Blyton’s books, will follow five daring young explorers as they encounter action-packed adventures, remarkable mysteries, unparalleled danger, and astounding secrets, in what is being described as an “unforgettable odyssey that evokes the power of camaraderie between the fearless young heroes”.

Reports confirm that filming for the series has already commenced, marking the realization of an eagerly anticipated project. Spearheaded by Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, acclaimed for his unique cinematic vision, and produced by Matthew Read, the television adaptation promises to breathe new life into these iconic stories.

In the midst of this exciting development, it is important to note that Enid Blyton composed a remarkable total of 21 books within ‘The Famous Five” series. Over the years, numerous screen adaptations have paid tribute to these beloved tales, testifying to their enduring charm. Additionally, the continuation novels, penned by the esteemed French author Claude Voilier, have ensured that The Famous Five’s legacy persists.

Patricia Hidalgo, Children’s and Education director for the BBC, said: “Bringing these books to life with a new reimagining of The Famous Five is a real treat for BBC audiences and a celebration of British heritage. “These stories are loved around the world and bringing families together is a key part of our strategy so we hope it introduces a new generation of viewers to these wonderful adventures.”