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In a step that challenges publishers and reflects the transformations in the industry resulting from new technology, Egypt’s electronic application ‘Kutobona’ has announced the launch of a print-on-demand service for authors and readers.
Starting from the first half of this year, the application includes 18,000 readers in Egypt and abroad and currently offers the possibility of reading more than 450 e-books at prices ranging from 5-10 Egyptian Pounds (AED1-2) per book, while the writer or publisher pays about 200 Egyptian Pounds (AED 40) annually to publish their e-books through the application.
Kutobona provides the ability to print and deliver books directly to readers at prices ranging from 25-50 Egyptian Pounds (AED 5-10) per book. The application will depend on its collaboration with Jumia, an e-commerce website to deliver books to readers in various Egyptian governorates.