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With much honesty, a writer begins his journey aiming to convey an idea or a story born from his imagination, the experiences he went through or from some specialties which he has studied or found useful to share with people.

He writes to many publishers till he sees the fruits of it in print available to everyone. He yet receives the first reply: “We apologize, your request is rejected.” No problem..I will wait for the others.

He waits for days … all messages say the same (Accept our apologies .. your request is rejected). But why?

He contacts the publishers inquiring about the reason! One reply says: “We publish what the readers like and this content would not appeal to them.” He writes to more publishers but all replies are the same: they are all about (what the readers like). Most claim that readers want love stories or fairy tales written by a famous author who is at least well-known on social media.

A writer would then contemplate: “ Is it true that readers do not want my meaningful book that will make them reconsider many of their decisions?

He collects his drafts and heads to the nearest print shop to print his book himself not concerned about the responses of those publishers.  ‘Do not speak in the name of readers”, he says to himself.

Today, people blame writers for the absence of meaningful books … but is it the writer who should take the blame?