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Egyptian publisher, Dar Al Saqi has recently published the Arabic edition of the biography of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, titled Emmanuel Macron: A Young Man So Perfect (Emmanuel Macron, un jeune homme si parfait) by Anne Fulda, French journalist and editor in the politics department at ‘Le Figaro’, a French daily. The 208-page book is translated by Antoine Sarkis.

As the ‘Le Figaro’ puts it, the book “deciphers the mystery (solves the riddle) of this young successful man”. Fulda highlights the unprecedented image of Emmanuel Macron who was aged 39 when he became the president of the French Republic; his win determined by his skills of persuasion and strong appeal among French people.

The book explains the Macron’s charisma, which he enjoyed at an early age, and its impact on older people including his grandfathers who, charmed with his intelligence, style and affability, supported him throughout his career.