There are many people who would like to start reading but get lost as to where to start and nowadays everyone turns to YouTube as the ultimate guide in almost every aspect of life, so you might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the best place to find out about books. We have gathered 10 BookTubers that will give you a good insight into the literary world.

Sanne Vliegenthart

Vliegenthart uses her channel to discuss books, language, and general life advice. Her series A Guide to All Things Books is useful for anyone who wants to start reading more but doesn’t know where to start. The series gives great recommendations for tapping into different genres such as poetry and gothic literature.

Jen Campbell

Campbell is an author and book reviewer, she reads and reviews children’s books, retellings of myths and poetry. When she’s not running a BookTube channel, she also runs writing workshops, gives talks at universities, is a freelance writer and editor, and judges literary prizes. Her short story collection, The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night, has grabbed the attention of both readers and reviewers alike.

Reading With Cindy

Cindy is a bit of an unusual BookTuber who joined the community around 2 years ago and gained traction quite quickly because of the unusual way she reviews books, that usually involves something she is doing while she reviews the books she’s been reading, such as dying her hair, folding her laundry, trying on face masks, and even eating different sponsored snacks. She will often talk about romance, literary fiction, manga, and even business books. She also releases videos about her writing journey as an aspiring author!

Fictional Fates

After being a book reporter for several years, Joel Rochester uploaded his first BookTube video during the height of quarantine on his channel, Fictional Fates. His channel is filled with massive book hauls, writing vlogs and British book recommendations

Books Are My Social Life

Saajid’s energy radiates over all the way from his home in Trinidad. He focuses on reading books that reflect his experience as a Muslim living in the Caribbean. His content consists of hauls and funny vlogs, such as what annoys him as a reader!

Ariel Bissett

Bissett is a Canadian content creator and has interviewed the likes of Michelle Obama and Bill Gates! She is also one of the most trustworthy BookTubers in the community and only talks about the books she genuinely loved.  Bissett also occasionally writes short stories and releases them as zines for her fans to buy! One of her more recent passion projects was about what librarians wish you knew about libraries.

Mina Reads

Mina is a pro at ranking book videos and recommending novels written by Black authors. Her witty humour will surely hook you into binge-watching all her videos.

A Book Olive

Olive reads and reviews almost exclusively adult fiction and nonfiction, which makes her a rare reviewer on BookTube. She does dedicated reviews as also the more traditional wrap-up reviews. If you are looking for a pandemic-related book, she has recently uploaded a summary of Spillover by David Quammen.

What Kamil Reads

Kamil’s channel is almost exclusively review-based, and with reason. His reviews have historical backgrounds, language analysis, and a very in-depth explanation of why he did or did not like a book.

A Clockwork Reader

Hannah (a.k.a. A Clockwork Reader) is one of the most followed BookTubers on Youtube. Starting in 2015, the soft-spoken BookTuber has hundreds of videos on her obsession with The Mortal Instruments series and book shopping vlogs.