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Books Published in September 2023

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Weirdo by Sara Pascoe

Sophie works at a pub in Essex. It’s a relatively ordinary evening — that is, until she sees Chris, Chris who she travelled to Sydney to see, Chris who she maxed out her credit card to journey across the world for. Standing there in front of her. What. The Actual. There are, of course, some obstacles — namely the fact she’s in debt, her sister’s just got engaged to Sophie’s ex, oh and her current boyfriend, Ian. But, the point is, Chris is back. It’s got to be a sign.

Divine Might by Natalie Haynes

Athene, the goddess of war and wisdom, Aphrodite, the goddess of sex and beauty, Artemis, the goddess of hunting and young girls, Hera, Zeus’s long-suffering wife, the vengeful Furies — to name just a few, it’s also meticulously researched. Strong, mighty and as revered as their male counterparts, isn’t it time, Haynes argues, that we gave the goddesses the attention they deserve?

The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell

Bake Week is the cooking show that has the nation in a chokehold, its basically mandatory viewing and has the power to catapult the contestants into the spotlight and a dazzling career. There are scores to be settled, internal tv politics and when someone starts stats sabotaging bakes things spiral out of control resulting in a death. Everyone is under suspicion in this atmospheric, gripping debut that is the perfect read for food and crime lovers.

Elon Musk: by Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson is the author of the paradigm shifting biography on Steve Jobs, and he is the perfect person to look at the entire Musk story, from South African beginnings to global domination. Looking at the history, psychology and technological advancements made, this is a fascinating insight into someone who wants to change the trajectory of history . 

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein 

Naomi Klein discovered she had a double, but the shared name is where the similarities ended. Follow her as she looks at the dark underbelly of the internet – the conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, incels and broader influencers who draw on some highly circumspect ultra-right views.

The Last Devil To Die by Richard Osman 

Thursday Murder Club receive some shocking news. An old friend, who works in the antiques business has been killed and the package he was protecting has vanished. The gang, of course, spring into action but with the body count steadily rising, has their luck finally run out?

Evil Eye by Etaf Rum

From the author of New York Times bestselling author of A Woman Is No Man comes a gripping new novel centring on Yara, a Palestinian-American woman. Yara comes from a conservative family but marries someone much more modern than her own parents. She’s been able to complete her degree and get a good job, teaching art locally whilst she raises her two daughters and takes care of her husband and their home. Still, though, there is something missing and when an incident at work leads to Yara responding to a colleague’s racist provocation, she finds herself being put on probation as well as being forced to re-examine the traumas of her past.

The Fraud by Zadie Smith 

Zadie Smith is back and this time, she’s bringing some serious historical fiction to the table — with the story of the trial that divided Victorian England. The book’s narrator is Eliza who lives with her cousin by marriage, William Ainsworth, a once celebrated novelist who is past his best. Andrew Bogle, meanwhile, grew up enslaved in Jamaica and finds himself in London, where he becomes a key witness in the trial itself; The Tichborne Trial, which captivates the hearts and minds of the entire country. What is fiction? What is real? And, who deserves to tell their story?

Lies and Other Love Languages by Sonali Dev

Vandy Guru is an advice columnist whose world gets turned upside-down. She has lost her husband, her daughter is missing and her estranged childhood best friend reappears in her life. With secrets lurking in every corner, this book releases takes the reader from LA to Mumbai as these three remarkable women unearth truths that lie beneath the surface.

All You Have to Do is Call by Kerri Maher

This historical fiction is based on the true story of the Jane Collective, the women’s health organization that fought for reproductive rights for women in the early 1970s. Led by Veronica, these women join forces to provide reproductive counseling and safe, illegal abortions while juggling their double lives. With love, sisterhood, and a dash of historical upheaval, this novel takes you on a captivating journey.


When Holly Gibney receives a call at the Finders Keepers Detective Agency, she should decline the job. Her mother just died and her partner has Covid. But Holly can’t help but want to help Penny Dahl find her missing daughter. Yet Holly’s search leads her to an octogenarian couple – two ruthless professors with an unholy secret in their basement that may lead to Penny’s daughter.


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YS Chi Wins 2024 Book Fair Lifetime Award

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YS Chi Wins 2024 Book Fair Lifetime Award

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