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Alberto Manguel, Argentine-Canadian writer, critic and translator, has won the prestigious Formentor de las Letras Prize 2017, the highest Spanish literary award in the world. Manguel, also the Director of the National Library of Argentina, has been recognised for his achievements in promoting reading and sharing his passion for books.

Manguel is best known for his works on reading and libraries. He is the author of numerous non-fiction works like A Reading Diary, A History of Reading, The Library at Night, A Reader on Reading, and The City of Words. He has also novels such as The Over Discriminating Lover, All Men are Liars, and News from a Foreign Country Came.

Alberto Manguel has a huge collection of more than 35,000 books between his homes in Canada, France, Britain, Argentina and Tahiti. Many of his works are inspired by this library and about his travels in search of certain books.