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The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has bestowed the title of ‘Cultural Personality of the Year’ upon Ibrahim Al-Koni, the renowned Libyan author and novelist, in honor of his extraordinary contributions to both Arab and global culture and literature. Al-Koni’s profound impact has elevated Arab authors on the world stage, with his literary works translated into over 40 languages and integrated into university curricula across Europe, America, Japan, and beyond.

Born in Ghadames, Libya, in 1948, Al-Koni stands as one of the most distinguished contemporary Arab novelists and has been a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature on multiple occasions. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in literary and critical sciences from the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow, and has held various roles in journalism and diplomacy worldwide, including his recent appointment as a diplomatic advisor at the Libyan Embassy in Switzerland. Proficient in eight languages, including Tamasheq, Arabic, Russian, English, Polish, German, Spanish, and Latin.

Al-Koni has authored 81 books spanning diverse genres and earned acclaim from both French Lire Magazine and global cultural, academic, and official circles. He has received numerous regional and international awards, including the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in 2008.