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Farewell to a Literary Giant: Anthony Holden’s Legacy


Anthony Holden, the British inaugural biographer of Prince Charles and the prolific author of over 40 books, has passed away at the age of 76. Renowned for his insightful journalism on the Royal Family. Holden also penned biographies of Laurence Olivier, Tchaikovsky, and Shakespeare. His literary contributions extended to translating opera, ancient Greek plays, and poetry, as well as several books on poker, including the bestseller “Big Deal,” chronicling his year as a professional poker player.


Holden’s illustrious career included roles as the US editor for the Observer and assistant editor at the Times, earning him several press awards. His pioneering biography of the King, then Prince of Wales, shed light on Charles’s unique upbringing, marking him as the first royal heir to attend school and attain a degree. Subsequently, Holden’s works continued to explore distinctive facets of royal life.


In his 1988 book ‘Charles,’ he commented on Princess Diana’s ability to overshadow her husband, depicting their marriage as one characterized by “cold indifference.” Later in his career, Holden turned his attention to important cultural figures such as composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and William Shakespeare.