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A new book by Jim ‘Jameel’ Al Khalili, an Iraqi-born British theoretical physicist, on possible contact and communication between humans and aliens, features input from astrophysicists, astronomers and other scientists from around the world. The punchy anthology discusses the possibility of aliens and extra-terrestrial life, featuring new information on these purported creatures’ way of thinking and their relationship with humans.

Titled ‘Aliens: The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life,’ the book dispels alleged misconceptions and myths that describe alien beings as ‘evil blood-thirsty creatures.’

“Some stories depict aliens capable of consuming humans as food, but in fact this is untrue. According to astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell, the bodies of aliens are not able to get nourishment from eating us, because they are not capable of processing our molecules in the first place,” argued Al Khalili in his book.

Dispelling another myth that aliens would steal Earth’s resources – especially water and metal – Al Khalili argued: “If extra-terrestrial life exists, it would be easier for aliens to extract resources from other asteroids which have far better quality metal than ours. As far as water is concerned, Jupitar’s moons have significant quantities of this, so aliens do not need our planet’s water!”