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According to a recent study on audiobook use published by BookNet Canada, the average audiobook listener in Canada identifies as female, is aged between 25 and 34, and listens to audiobooks between one and ‘several’ times per week. Audiobook listeners over the age of 55 grew by four percent from the previous year.

The report also showed a relationship between podcasts and audiobooks: 45% of respondents listened to podcasts before they began listening to audiobooks, and 58% of respondents said they listened to both podcasts and audiobooks.

‘Many listeners choose the audiobook format because they can listen while doing other things, so they can consume more books, and because they like being read to. Respondents listen while doing housework, commuting, and working on a hobby,’ said the report.

The report also noted that while audiobook use is growing, listeners are consumer fewer audiobooks, with 55% of listeners consuming five books or fewer over the last year, up from 46% in 2016. However, the report added that this could be due to respondents who have only recently started listening to audiobooks.

BookNet Canada surveyed 449 adult audiobook listeners (over the age of 18) from across Canada, with the report also including data from a consumer survey, an annual digital publishing survey, and secondary sources.

Print book sales in Canada declined in 2017, with print book volume down by four percent and value down by three percent compared to 2016 figures.